Definity Marketing is a marketing consulting firm that provides a range of business development, strategic planning and project management services. We work with distinguished clients who are looking for exceptional service and real marketing solutions – either for a specific situation or on a continuous retainer basis. Through our extensive network of highly qualified top-tier professionals, we have the know-how and know-who to deliver effectively and efficiently.

Clients’ Interests Come First
Instead of worrying about quarterly profits or billing quota to start out with, we offer ONLY what is meaningful and valuable to the clients, and not sell a service for a quick profit. We also consciously keep our overhead low, so we can afford to give more to our clients. We know satisfied clients stay with us, and also refer us to others.

We constantly think from the perspective of the client, bringing unique marketing opportunities for assessment. This explains why most of our clients come to us by way of referral.

We only offer sound, “best practice” advice without compromise, and as a result, we selectively work with like-minded clients who choose to uphold the same level of integrity and standards.

It is not our interest to simply follow. Our clients value the quality to be innovative and original, hopefully with a “wow” effect as well! We apply most current industry knowledge and marketing techniques while adhering to the time-tested traditional principles of discipline and diligence.

We firmly believe that sometimes the best strategy is to work in tandem with strategic partners, since we can cover greater distance through meaningful partnership. With our strong global and domestic network with key industry players and decision-makers, we have the ability to bring bona fide qualified partners to the table for exploring win-win type of collaboration.

We have a network of top performing professionals, from researchers, technology experts to graphic designers, creative writers, translators, publicists, television and event producers, information architects, planners, etc. capable of executing flawlessly to meet defined objectives. We often team up with other accountants, management consultants and lawyers to provide comprehensive and integrated plans.

We LOVE our work, and we seriously want our clients to succeed more than anything. We bring passion, devotion and sincerity to our work – and it shows.

We always think long-term, although we understand the need to show short-term results. We are committed to give clients a solid path for sustainable growth, not just a one-time easy-out quick fix which may jeopardize the business or brand’s future, even if our only involvement is a single project.